Living with Golden Retrievers

The Golden Companion

Looking for a devoted companion and friend?  One who is happy to see you no matter what, plays fetch for hours on end and curls up with his head on your lap in front of a toasty fireplace?  No fireplace?  That’s okay with him, too. As long as he has you, he’ll be happy.

The friendly, reliable, and trustworthy Golden is rarely quarrelsome, hostile, timid or even nervous, and is the ultimate people dog.  Oh sure, they’ll jump at the chance to play with other dogs or roughhouse with a group of puppies, but their true contentment stems from spending time with people.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

The Golden Retriever goes to great lengths to please his people friends.  As you might expect, these dogs possess a remarkable, seemingly infinite supply of energy – and enthusiasm – when playing with people.  From playing fetch to running in the park with humans, you’ll never hear a whimper from the Golden Retriever that he’s tired.  He won’t stop until you do.

And when you do stop, he’ll be close by, resting with his eyes closed.  He’ll occasionally open one eye, spying on you: “Are you ready to play again, Dad?” he seems to be asking. “I’m ready any time you are, Dad … just say the word!”

That really doesn’t end this dog’s astounding traits.  Patient and forgiving, the Golden Retriever has been likened to a saint (though I personally have never heard of St. Rover!), and is the fiercest and most loyal companion you’ll ever have.

And if that’s not enough, this particular breed is also very easy to train because of his desire to make you happy.  That explains the large numbers of Golden Retriever service dogs.

The Natural-Born Swimmer

Olympic swim champion Michael Phelps has nothing on the Golden Retriever when it comes to loving water.  Some Golden Retriever owners swear their dogs are “part dog, part seal” because of the canine’s attraction to water.

These dogs seem to intuitively know where even the smallest puddle of rainwater is following a good Spring downpour.  Not only do they know its exact location, but they make a beeline right to it.

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