Golden Retriever History

Famous Golden Retrievers

Due to their friendly personalities, trainability and desire to please, Golden Retrievers make wonderful actors.  Several Golden retrievers have had regular roles on TV shows including the 1980’s Brandon on Punky Brewster, and Comet on Full House.  Golden Retrievers have even played the starring role in movies. Comet was also the star of the movie Air Bud.  Air Bud actually became a series of four different movies featuring at least one Golden Retriever.  A spin off from the series involved many Golden puppies featured in their own movie series. Another movie, Santa Buddies, also included several Golden puppies.

Goldens have even been depicted in animated movies. The movie, Up featured an animated Golden Retriever named Dug.

Golden retrievers are amazing service dogs.  Surf dog Ricochet is world famous. Ricochet surfs with special needs children, soldiers who suffer with post-traumatic stress syndrome, and others. Ricochet is a You Tube phenom and the subject of an international best selling book.  Of course there is an entire webpage devoted to this inspiring canine

Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence.  Coco Chan became famous on YouTube for the way she ate corn on the cob like a human.  Her fame continued as her owner helped her show off her patience and intelligence on more you tube videos.  Coco Chan even has her own Facebook page.  Unfortunately she lost her battle to cancer on September 11, 2014.

Ginger the Golden Retriever, star of a Golden Retriever version of Fifty Shades of Gray, has her own facebook fan page as well.

Georges became You Tube famous for watching the World Cup on TV in 2014.  In fact, Georges will watch any sport on TV and loves doing so!

Goldens even appear on late night TV! Late night host, Jimmy Fallon has had puppy Goldens predict the outcome of the Super bowl.  He has even brought his own golden retriever on the show.

Mr. Falon is not alone in his love for the breed.  Many stars also have golden retrievers.  These Golden owners include Oprah Winfrey, Blake Lively, Nick Jonas, Betty White, Jackie Chan and many more.

– Scott Hall

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