Golden Retriever Rescue

Rescue Organizations for Golden Retrievers

Amazing as Goldens are, there are many in need of rescue.  Sometimes owners have no choice due to unforeseen circumstances but to surrender their beloved pet to a rescue organization. Sometimes people purchase a Golden without doing research and simply cannot handle the amount of care and training necessary for peaceably living with a Golden.

Regardless of the reason, many rescue organizations exist specifically for Golden Retrievers.

The Golden Retriever Club of America has a National Rescue Committee.
This committee does not govern the local rescues, but does provide support through networking services.  This committee also provides information for the local rescue centers as well as helps coordinate necessary health services for the dogs.

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Lists these rescue organizations and facilities state by state.

Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue in Oklahoma is dedicated to matching waiting Goldens with loving owners.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin, GRROW, has a very similar mission: to unite homeless Goldens to loving families.

Other pet adoption agencies list available dogs by breed. provides such an opportunity as well as helpful information about each breed to potential owners. allows potential owners to view and read about the dogs in their care. Again, the dogs are listed in a breed specific format.

– Scott Hall

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