Living with Golden Retrievers

Where to Find Your Golden Retriever


Where to find him?  Breeders, pet store and other options. It’s not really that difficult, but there is a certain amount of finesse to it as well.

Finding a place that specializes in Golden Retriever adoptions is your best bet.  While you may luck out and find a classified in your local newspaper offering this breed of puppies for sale, other methods exist.

Perhaps the first word of caution in all of this should be: Take your time.

While you may feel as if you’re pressed for time now that you’ve decided on this particular breed, do yourself a favor and be diligent in selecting the right dog for you.

If you’re not already familiar with dogs in general and Golden Retrievers in particular, consider attending several dog shows.

Go to the shows and talk with those who are handling or own Golden Retrievers.  Those who show Goldens may actually be breeders themselves.  If not, they certainly know of reputable good breeders

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how friendly these folks are.  They’ll be more than happy to talk with you about Goldens – as long as they have already shown their dog and the pressure is off.

Take your time doing this.  Get to know them.  They will not only give you some knowledgeable advice you can use in the selection process, but they can provide you with candid inside information on the status of breeders.  After all, as owners of show dogs themselves, they really don’t want anyone perpetuating sickly or ill-bred dogs.

Once you’re at these dog shows, mingle and be sure to ask for business cards.  Chat with these breeders over the telephone.  Simply placing a phone call doesn’t commit you to even visiting the litter – assuming there’s a litter available at the moment.

What are you looking for when talking with these people?  You want to ultimately choose a breeder who possesses strong “dog ethics” as well as a commitment to the breed.  You’ll be able to recognize this, in part, by the manner in which he allays any fears or doubts you may have about your new venture.

If, for example, he appears too anxious to have you stop in and pressures you to make a quick decision, avoid him.  There may be something wrong with his puppies.  They may suffer from an illness, or perhaps the parents were plagued with problems that he fears were passed on to these puppies.

Eventually you’ll find a breeder you’re comfortable talking with who either has available puppies in his litter or is expecting pups.  Make an appointment.  While you’ll have questions of your own to ask him, be prepared to answer questions from him as well.  One of the signs he’s conscientious and loves his pups is his “interrogation” of you.

He wants to be reassured that his dogs are being placed in a home that is loving where the puppy will be raised responsibly.  Don’t be offended by the number of questions he may ask.  Certainly don’t take offense at the nature of them.  Keep in mind that it’s not a reflection on you.

In fact, when you find a breeder who cares this much about who adopts his Goldens, then the chances are good you’ve found a responsible, reputable and reliable breeder.  You can tell that he is not in the business just for the money.


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